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From his studio in Oklahoma City, Larry Case paints striking realistic images of the contemporary and historical American West. He received a B.A. in art from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and later earned a master’s degree.  His oil paintings and graphite drawings tell a visual story of people and their relationships with each other, their animals, and their land.  Case says, “I was drawn to art from as early as I can remember, and it’s exciting and rewarding to be able to portray people and a lifestyle from our American heritage.”

Case and his wife, Rita, travel extensively to add to a large reference library from which he resources to create his paintings. He also draws on the memories of working on the ranch in northwest Oklahoma and spends countless hours on research, sketching, and planning before beginning to paint.  For each drawing or painting, he may piece together as many as a dozen reference elements to create one image. This allows him to work in his studio under optimum painting conditions and create the paintings that make people feel they are part of the scene before them. His intent is to deliver a piece of art that can be viewed from any distance and be appreciated for its strong composition, vivid colors, and the conveyance of realism.  Case has a unique style and collectors continuously say "they can spot his art work from across the room."


Case’s artwork has been featured in several magazines and he has received numerous honors and awards.  One of the most special to him was when he received an Outstanding Alumni Award from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  Case says, "Through my art, I have had the opportunity to establish many long term friendships with collectors, galleries, and other artists.  When a collector purchases one of my paintings, I do not view it as a one-time event.  I view it as a friendship for life."  His drawings and paintings are in collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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